What Is Hypnosis

There are so many myths and untruths surrounding the word hypnosis, most people don't know what it is, or are afraid of it, or skeptical that it even exists. Well if I thought hypnosis was the way it was portrayed in many of the television, movie, or story encounters, I would be skeptical as well. Hypnosis is not what you think or have been led to believe.

First off, hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that you have allowed yourself to experience already today, and probably every other day of your life. It is a trance state or experience. One similar to daydreaming, or reviewing some event from the past or going over in your mind an event that you expect to take place in the future. It is the use of your imagination that will lead you into the hypnotic trance state.

Many people ask does hypnotherapy work? I can show you how using hypnotic techniques can help you make changes forever.

So if you have ever daydreamed or gotten lost in a story in a movie, TV show, or novel, you've been hypnotized. Congratulations, you can now learn how to use this marvelous ability that is your birthright as a human being to make your life easier, and raise the quality of your existence.

When you are experiencing this trance like state, you become more suggestible. You become more willing to accept new information without criticizing it. Without shooting it down without trying it out to see if it's true, or correct. This ability to accept new information makes it easy to make changes in beliefs, habits, or behaviors that have been a problem for you. You won't be forced or made to make changes that you don't want to make. You just make it easier to make changes that you do want to make.

You can use this special ability by yourself with the exercise of self hypnosis, or you can get help by working with an expert in the field, known as a hypnotist. Working with an experienced professional will be a lot quicker to make changes and you can then uses the techniques of self hypnosis to keep yourself on track with the changes between sessions, or after your completion of the individual work.

Hypnosis to lose weight is well known amoung the population. The way that hypnosis is used for this particular problem, is by helping the client identify and make changes in behavior that causes you to gain weight. Like eating too much, or the wrong foods, or not getting enough exercise. These behaviors can be eliminated and chaged to behaviors that support a healthy lifestyle. Like letting your body become aware of what hunger is and once identified, then eating in response to real physical hunger instead of in response to just thinking that you want to eat. Many people get the urge to eat when they see an advertisement for a particular food product, or see the bag or wrapper for that food product. They might even start to salivate in sresponse to the sight of the wrapper. That;s like the response that Pavlov's dog had to the sound of a bell ringing. We use this special ability that we all have to now build a healthier response. ONe that's in line with th object of losing weight.

Hypnosis is often used for stopping smoking and losing weight, and has had great success in helping people with public speaking, confidence, sports improvement, anxiety problems, sleep difficulties, and a whole host of other everyday problems affecting everyday people.

Mandy Moore recently saw a hypnotist to help with her fear of performing in front of an intimate gathering of some 300 or so fans. It worked like a charm, as usual. Tiger Woods uses self hypnosis techniques and has been trained by a family friend, who is a hypnotist, from a very young age to have a mental toughness in response to the heat of battle on the links. Many sports stars and A-list celebrities have used hypnosis to great success. I know, I have personally worked with quite a few of them myself.

If you wanted to know what hypnosis was, you can now say that hypnosis is the ability we all have inside of us to make changes in our thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs. Changes, that when recognized as being possible, can help you to create a much more satisfying life.