Mental Sports Training For The Serious Amateur and Professional Tennis Player Even - Serena Williams

Well, Serena Williams was knocked out of the U.S. Open before she had an opportunity to be defeated or bounce back from a hard played match.

The only thing that prevented her from winning that match in fine style was her emotional state. It was her emotional state that got in the way of a better performance.

It was her emotional state that got in the way of handling a horrible call from the line judge.

Serena Williams was absolutely right in her outrage at the bad judgement of a person who is paid to call these matches.

There is no excuse for the type of mistake that this judge made in even making that kind of call in such a high level match.

She obviously forgot where she was and should never be allowed back into that type of arena again.

Perhaps calling the matches at Kissena Park or Queens College would be better suited for this judge.

Or perhaps this judge needs some kind of sensitivity training on the Howard Stern show where she will learn the language of normal people.

However, none of that excuses Serena for losing her cool at this juncture of her career.

It was a silly slip to allow her emotions to get the better of her.

Any athlete that I have worked with learns state control. Other mental trainers that I'm aware of teach state control.

This is a simple process where your body is taught how to quickly place you into the correct mental state. And this has to be done on an individual basis. You cannot just give an athlete a trigger to be calm under pressure.

Most athletes don't perform best when they are calm. There is a certain amount of stress that needs to be experienced to allow a trained athlete to achieve greatness.

That's exactly why the best athletes break records under the most stressful conditions.

The stress increases their accomplishments, it doesn't interfere with it. So proper state control is of the utmost importance!
And coincidentally it would've also come in handy in the case of a moronic lapse of judgement by the line judge.