Weight Loss Hypnosis in my NY office, includes regaining control over Habits

Can NY Hypnosis for Weight Loss, stop or control Habits?
Yes! The Subconscious mind is the home of all of our habits. The quickest way to access our old habits and create new habits is through the use of hypnosis.

What are habits?

Habits are the way that we make life easier for ourselves. Behaviors that we do repeatedly become part of our physical, emotional, mental, and attitudinal habits. These are programmed responses that happen without any conscious input. They are usually behaviors that we have allowed to be perceived as beneficial to us. We might judge our habits as good or bad, but they are actually set up to allow us to function most efficiently. And they work marvelously. Once a habit is set in motion, we will respond predictably each and every time a similar set of circumstances becomes evident. This frees our conscius mind from the tedious and time consuming need to have to make decisions on each and every behavior that we do. Can you imagine how much time we would have to spend just getting up the morning and getting ready for work, if we didn't rely on our habits? We probably would have to get up a few hours earlier to just get to work on time.

Are there good and bad habits?

Our habits can be categorized as good or bad, but they are all fundamentally good behaviors designed to help us. So why do we develop bad habits? Sometimes it is learned behaviors from our environment, how we were raised. We pick up the habits of our parents and family. Sometimes we develop habits because they solve an immediate problem, or supply a beneficial side effect. If we are bitten by a mosquito, it will usually cause an itching bump on our skin. This will likely cause us to scratch it. If that itch lasted long enough, through the repetitive action of scratching that part of your body, you would develop a habit to just scratching yourself there. Even when the bug bite healed you would probably find yourself scratching that part of your body, with no other reason than you had created a habit for doing that.