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Fear of flying affects millions of people everywhere. If you have this fear of flying and must get on a plane, then you know how your body responds. It's that instinctual fight or flight response kicking in. It feels like your heart might just burst right through your chest. You get nauseous, and might even feel the urge to throw up. You might even get weak in the knees and feel like you're going to pass out. And you know it doesn't get better, it continues to get worse when you get onto the plane. Now you feel trapped and really feel like you're going to die in a fiery crash. And this feeling stays with you even hours after you've gotten to your destination. Does this sound familiar to you? Then you more than anyone else knows how much you are actually missing out on because of this fear. It's debiltating because you don't know how to be free of it.

Very often this fear of flying is the only fear that people suffer from . The rest of your life is going peachy, it's just when you get on a plane or even plan on getting on a plane that the fear of flying kicks in. You've tried other ways of flying. Drugs that scared you even more because ot the side affects and the unknown long term consequences of continuing them. So now you ask yourself what can you do that others suffering form this fear of flying have done to successfully rid themselves forever from this trauma?

Some people try to solve their fear of flying problem by not flying at all. Recently I saw where Whoopie Goldberg refused to fly anywhere and needed to find other ways of getting around. This just adds another burden to your life. And if you do nothing about your problem it usually gets worse. You will find your fear creeping into other areas of your life.

Some people try talk therapy. This can take a long time to discover causes and help you to change your responses slowly over time. And can leave you feeling less in control than you already felt. Some of these methods just teach you mind tricks to use when faced with your fear of flying. Not the best approach to getting rid of the problem at all, just a way of lessening the effects.

You have probably heard of hypnosis being an extremely powerful way of changing and modifying peoples responses. And how when the change occurs it becomes a permananet way of seeing and feeling things. It's like resetting your internal programming.

Find out if hypnosis is right for you. You can get started today to live a life with all the freedom that otheres experience. I invite you to call me for your free $97 initial consultation where we will discuss your problem more fully. You will get a better understanding of how fear of flying hypnosis in New York works. Call me at (212) 223-1832