Weight Loss Hypnosis in my NY office, includes regaining control over family eating patterns

Can NY Hypnosis for Weight Loss, stop or control family eating patterns?
Yes! The Subconscious mind is the home of all of our habits. The quickest way to access our old habits and create new habits is through the use of hypnosis.

What is Family Eating Patterns?

Family eating patterns are just learned behaviors that have become habits. When you are brought up in a household that has poor or bad eating habits, these habits just beocme your normal response to food. You view food the same way that your parents did. You might even think that your weight problem is a genetic issue, when in reality it is just the learned behaviors of your environment. Habits are behaviors that we have done so frequesntly that they have become automatic responses. This wonderful ability we humans have to create these automatic behaviors is a good thing. It is a tremendous benefit for us to be ale to go through the day without having to consciously be aware of every single thing that we have to do. Things like how to tie your shoes, or walk up the stairs. Imagine if you had to devote your conscious attention to all these simple little things that we do unconsciously each and every day. We would be quickly overloaded with unimportant distractions. Distractions from what we need to do to survive and thrive and get through our day without being constantly overwhelmed with the details of small automatic behaviors. So we develop habits that are meant to make our life easier. But what would happen if we used this powerful ability to create habits, and filled it with harmful behaviors? We would be programmed to destroy ourselves, that's what. And that is what happens when we learn bad habits, incorrect responses to food, and eating from our families while growing up. mIt wasn't until faily recently that we started living in a world of such abundance in food, that we found the time to so dramaticlaly overeat, eat the wrong foods, and reduce our ativity levels.