Weight Loss Hypnosis in my NY office, includes regaining control over emotional eating

Can NY Hypnosis for Weight Loss, stop or control emotional eating?
Yes! The Subconscious mind is the home of all of our emotions. The quickest way to access our emotions is through the use of hypnosis.

What is Emotional Eating?

If you have ever found yourself eating food, when you're not even hungry, and you don't know why that's probably caused by emotional eating. If you have ever felt any kind of emotion, either positive or negative and you felt compelled to get something to eat, that's probably emotional eating. Whenever you eat in response to a feeling or emotion that is not physical hunger, that is probably emotional eating. At my NY hypnosis office I work with clients to help them overcome the habits and causes of emotional eating

What is physical hunger?

Physical hunger is when our body identifies that it is low on supplies, fuel. Food is fuel for the body. And when we are low on fuel, our fuel gauge sends out an alarm. This alarm is called hunger which is our body's signal to replenish the supplies of fuel so that we can function effectively. If you are eating a healthy amount of food for your size, then you will naturally stop eating when your body has replenished it's supplies. If your eating seems to be out of control, then you might be a victim of emotional eating.

Why do I eat emotionally?

If you are eating emotionally it's because your body has learned a behavior that effectively responds to one of it's needs. Food is supposed to be used to refuel your body, but if you are eating emotionally it's because your body is getting some kind of other benefit from the food. Food is linked very early on with comfort. Think about a newborn baby for a moment. This newborn has only one way to communicate. She cries to let mom know that she's hungry, needs changing, or needs attention. So what happens when this newborn cries? Mom picks of the little baby and checks to see what she wants. The baby immediately gets the attention that she wants. If she's hungry she will get food in addition to the attention. So when she's fed, she's getting attention and comfort. Then as the baby grows, she goes to see the doctor for checkups and vaccinations. The Doctor's office can be a scary place for this little baby. When she cries because she's scared, or in pain from the shots, what do the nurses and doctor do? They give her a lollipop to quiet her down. So she learns early on that when she's feeling bad, food can be a comforting device.

What kind of benefit am I getting out of this kind of eating?

Emotional eating is eating in response to emotions, rather than in response to real physical hunger. If an uncomfortable feeling comes up, and you in turn reach for food and start to eat seemingly out of control, that would be emotional eating. We are using a protective mechanism, so that we can avoid feeling that uncomfortable feeling. It's the "feel bad-distract" mechanism. Whenever you feel bad, you find a distraction so that you stop feeling bad. It is effective, because you really do stop feeling bad. You've taken your mind off of the unpleasant feeling for the time being. So it works, for the short term. But ultimately you will feel even worse because now you might feel more out of shape, more guilty, more out of control, or you can fill in the blanks of all the additional bad feelings that come up in response to emotional eating. With Hypnosis in my New York City office, we can work together to uncover the root cause of those feelings and then neutralize them so they don't effect you the same way any longer. And you and I, working together, will be able to do that using my advanced hypnotic techniques.