Beliefs, Limiting Beliefs, And How To Change Belief Systems
"You're About To Learn Secrets That Most People Will Never Know About Identifying And Using Belief Systems To Facilitate Change..."

What this teleseminar is about:  

What Are Beliefs And What Benefit Do They Serve?.


  • You are about to learn the secrets about beliefs. They are really tools that with the proper techniques can work for your benefit. 99% of the world's hypnotists don't know anything of these powerful techniques - and how they can help your clients and YOU.
  • You have an opportunity to ask questions of Mark, and in the past, he has always been very open and forthcoming. (I'm sure nothing will be held back.!).
  • What Are Beliefs, and How To Identify Them
  • What Purpose Does A Belief System Afford?
  • How To Distinguish Between Working And Non Working Beliefs
  • Can Beliefs Be Changed And How?
  • Are Emotions Always Tied To Beliefs
  • PLUS:  Instant access to the Teleseminar: An Evening Of Q & A With Mark Cunningham - Changing Beliefs , on Tuesday, Jan 12, 2010.

    And much, much, more...
  • So take this opportunity to ask your questions of the Master in conditioning for change.

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