Marc Carlin Interviewed About The Virtual Gastric Band

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis interviewed Marc Carlin about his Virtual Gastric Band Program.  This unique and dynamic program for weight loss has grabbed the imagination of the country since Mr Carlin introduced it almost two years ago.  Most recently Dr. Oz had a show about it on his popular daytime health show.

You can listen to the replay of Dr. Francis interview author Marc Carlin on her radio show along with 16 other authors.  

Lapband Hypnosis on CBS Television

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

On November 23, 2010 CBS TV news broadcast a story on Lapband Hypnosis.  They described the process of the virtual gastric band and how it can help you lose weight.  They highlighted the work of Marc Carlin, the NYC Hypnotist and how Carlin is able to use hypnosis to help people lose weight.

You can view the segment of CBS TV on Marc Carlin and the use of what CBS calls Lapband Hypnosis here:

Marc Carlin uses the virtual gastric band method developed by Sheila Granger in the UK. Marc Carlin introduced Sheila’s gastric band hypnosis method to the United States in October of 2010, when 24 hypnotists from all over North America came to NYC to be trained in the process of using Sheila’s method. Sheila Granger was the guest speaker at the training.

There will be more trainings for new facilitators of this method in the coming year. It is our goal to help more and more overweight and obese Americans to reverse this growing problem. If you would like to become a facilitator of this program you can visit the Virtual Gastric Band Training website to get more information about the upcoming seminar class for Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band taking place in Las Vegas in January of 2011.

You can call Marc Carlin at 212 223-1832, to find out more about the Virtual Gastric Band process in New York. Or visit his site at Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis.

If you are looking for a trained practitioner in your area you can visit the Virtual Gastric Band Directory to find a practitioner near you.

Avoid Failing at Your First Hypnotic Visit for Weight Loss

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

You’ve probably been considering using hypnosis to help you to lose weight.  And if you have never had a hypnotic experience before, you probably would like to know how to assure that you will be successful when you do.  So I thought I would recount a tale of a recent hypnotic failed session that I was involved in, so that you could benefit from it and be able to succeed with your own.

First off I want to tell you that it is impossible to fail at going into trance, unless you have a very low IQ.  One that is less than 70 on the IQ scale.  And because you are reading this article, this assures that you have the ability to experience and benefit from hypnotic trance.

So maybe you are asking, how did someone come to see me and have a failed session?  Were they someone who had a less than 70 IQ?  Was I less than effective in my work?  So you’re probably asking, what could possibly have happened to cause this person to have a failed session?

In answer to your questions, no this person was not an idiot with an IQ of less than 70.  No I was not less than my stellar self using the tools that I am quite accomplished at to help facilitate the normal human to change.  I have to be quite frank with you, you might never find out why this particular person failed at being a good hypnotic participant.  But I am sure that I can give you enough insights into why they failed that this information will help you to make sure that you will have a successful session.

Hypnosis is a dance of sorts.  There must be a leader and a follower.  Imagine what it would be like if there were two people on the dance floor who both wanted to lead.  Now imagine there being two dancers on the floor who both wanted to follow.  No good, right?  Not really a satisfying dance for either of them.  Now imagine what it would be like if there started off being one leader and one follower, and after a while, one of the dancers decided to change roles and the other refused.  Still not a good picture right?

Well that was what happened during this failed session.  The subject who came to see me to be guided into hypnosis, achieved a great level of hypnotic trance.  Their trance was verified covertly by me in a number of ways on a few different occasions.  And then this hypnotic trance state was verified by the subject as they followed along perfectly.  We hypnotists call this a convincer, which is usually interpreted that way by the subject.  This time, the subject for some reason refused to accept that the convincer really took place.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about hypnosis by most people.  During the course of my sessions, prior to hypnotizing my clients, I work diligently and thoroughly to dispel any and all of these myths and misconceptions that might be held by my subjects.  But sometimes people refuse to let go of what they expect hypnosis to be.  And if you expect for some reason that hypnosis will mean that you will be unconscious, and that you will not have any thoughts in your mind at all, then no matter what I tell you about your trance you will not accept it.

So here’s the big lesson for you.  You must find a hypnotist that you want to trust.  You must be willing to trust their expertise and ability prior to allowing them to guide you into your trance state.  You will get better at going into trance because your skill does improve each time you experience trance.  You should know that you will have thoughts.  You might at first have many outside thoughts, perhaps even thoughts about if what you are experiencing is really hypnosis.  Do not entertain these thoughts or give them any weight.  They are not real, they are just that other part of your mind refusing to relax.  The good news is that hypnosis isn’t really about relaxation.  You can go into hypnosis without the need to relax but relaxation does help.  Over time you can learn to let go and go more quickly into hypnosis.

And sometimes you must just rely upon the hypnotists expertise as to whether you have achieved hypnosis or not and then when you begin to follow the suggestions during the session and continue to follow the guidelines outlined to you by your hypnotist after the session then you can notice the change and verify your results.

But if you think you weren’t hypnotized and here’s the real problem, you decide not to follow through on the instructions provided to you by the hypnotist on how to behave after the session, then you just chose to waste your time and money.

What is the Virtual Gastric Band?

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

There is a new process for weight loss that has had continued success in Europe and the UK. It is called the virtual gastric band program. This program is being taught to new practitioners in the U.S. in NYC from October 15-17, 2010. You can check out what the program is and see if you qualify to learn how to use it to help others lose weight. There’s a post about it where you can find out what you need to know to learn virtual gastric band program.

ABC News Claims Hypnosis Works For Weight Loss

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Does hypnosis work for weight loss? That is a common question for people looking to lose weight and wanting the answers to some important questions. Aside from the previous question, the other questions, “why aren’t I able to lose weight?” , or “why am I always thinking about food?” and of course, “what’s wrong with me?

Hypnosis can help you answer many of your unanswered questions and help you to create the attitudes similar to the attitude that you have observed with fit and healthy people around you. The fit and healthy people around you are going to become your role models as you regain the healthy ways that you were born with. Yes you were born with healthy ways of eating and behaving.

So ABC News has discovered the power of hypnosis. Here are some of the things that they have said about hypnosis:

Hypnosis is an age-old technique designed to speak to your subconscious mind and alter your behavior. Known to work well to quit smoking...”

They wrote about one woman who had lost 95 pounds using hypnosis to help her change her habits. Here’s what they said:

Judy Lederman has struggled with her weight all her life, and said hypnosis helped her lose 95 pounds… Not wanting to deal with another diet, she went to a hypnotist. At the time, Lederman weighed 224 pounds.

Initially, she was skeptical. Not so, when she saw the results.

It didn’t happen over night, but the point is that it did work and she’s now 129 pounds. Here’s what Judy had to say about one of the changes in her thoughts and attitudes:

I used to go out of my way to find the best bakery or the best cakes or pastries,” Lederman said. “At this point, I would go anywhere to find the best hypnotist, the best gym. My whole way of thinking has turned on that. And the pastries, they can just sit in the bakery.

There are new techniques to help you lose all that extra weight. One of the new programs available now is a virtual gastric weight loss band process that has a very high success rate in Europe. There are special programs starting right now in New York for this process and volunteers are needed to see if we can achieve similar results.

If you would like to be considered for these initial study groups then contact me as 212 223-1832.

What do you think are your big weight loss problems? I’d like to hear what you have to say.