Study Group For Virtual Gastric Band in New York City, NYC

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

There is a new process for weight loss that has been getting rave reviews in the press over in Europe. People are flocking to Spain and England to have a hypnotist perform a “virtual” surgery on them. They are being led through a process where their subconscious is led to believe that their virtual surgeon has performed a stomach altering surgery. So that they couldn’t possibly eat so much because their stomach is so small it wouldn’t hold any additional food.

What is really happening is their mind is being led to believe that they can’t eat the additional foods that has been making them fat. This sounds pretty amazing. But the press tells the stories of the people who have gone through the process, having lost significant weight because of it. The practitioners, newspapers and TV programs are claiming success rates ranging from 70 - 95%. It’s working so well that it’s grabbed the interest of the National Health Service over in Britain and they are considering using it to help lower costs of their national obesity epidemic.

The good news is that you can take advantage of this process right here in New York City. There is a new study being performed in my office. To see how effective this process is. The first group kicked off this past week, and all the participants were very excited about the potential. This is the turning point of their life.

There are more groups forming, but there is limited time and space for all the people who want to be a part of this process. If you want to be considered for a place in the forming study groups, give me a call at 212 223-1832. There are also some private one on one sessions for this program available too.

Gastric Bypass Surgery - Does the Surgery Work or is it Something Else?

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Gastric Bypass Surgery is a medical procedure that is performed by a doctor in a hospital operating room. The surgeon will cut into your body and perform some kind of reworking of your digestive system that makes it almost impossible for you to eat too much food. And if you can’t eat too much food then you will start to lose weight.

It sounds like a wonderful way to lose weight for people who are unable to do it on their own. But does the surgery make the patient lose weight or is there another factor that is the cause of the weight loss? The reason that I question the surgery is because after the operation the patient is then forced to eat a special diet. They must eat small portions. And I believe that it’s that process that causes the weight loss. Not the operation.

Here’s what happens during the operation. the surgeon goes in and cuts away part of the stomach or parts of the tubes leading to the stomach. He then reattaches them to the rest of the digestive system. The intent is to make the patients stomach smaller an unable to hold their normal amount of food. In fact, if the patient should eat too much they will end up vomiting up the extra portion, or worse, cause damage to their internal organs. this would require another surgical procedure that would add additional danger to the entire process.

So what this process has done is take the condition of being overweight, which is a long term danger, and made it into an acute short term danger. And it does require the patient to re learn better eating and dietary habits. These new better eating behaviors are the reason for the loss of weight. And if the patient doesn’t adopt the new behaviors they will have an acute attack of sometime that could result in death. It seems kind of a drastic measure, just to get you to take back control of your eating, doesn’t it?

But what if you could have the motivator of the surgery without all the risks of the surgery? Would that work? And then working with a professional to stay on track with your new dietary choices start to lose weight the natural way. Without the risk of immediate death and without the cost of the hospital bills and the surgeons expense.

What has been developed is a process called a virtual gastric bypass. And it is performed in the office of a hypnotist trained to guide their client through a visualization process that has the client believing they underwent an operation that decreased the size of their stomach. Making it impossible for the client to eat too much or they will end up vomiting the extra food. With the effectiveness of the hypnotic techniques used these days, this is a wonderful workable solution. And one that should be considered.

It has been reported in News across the world about these type of virtual operations being performed. According to one hypnotist they achieve a 95% success rate in one month’s time. Some of the participants reported losing up to a pound a day. With this encouraging news, I am looking for participants to join me in a study of this new procedure. We are forming a group that will do this radically new hypnotic process. If you are interested in being a part of this limited group, please call immediately 212 223-1832 and see if you can be accepted.

And what do you think of this process? Do you have any experiences with trying to lose weight and reservations about whether this could work for you? Post your comments below.

Virtual Gastric Bypass Surgery - Using Hypnosis for Weight Loss in a Unique Way

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

You probably have heard of surgery for weight loss. This type of surgery goes by the name of bariatric surgery, bypass surgery, gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding surgery among a number of other names. The premise of these differing surgeries is similar it’s just the specific ways of accomplishing the end result that varies. And what the doctors want to accomplish is to decrease the size of your stomach, so that you couldn’t possibly eat as much as you have in the past.

The number of surgeries of this type has increased over the years. Probably due to the explosion of large size unhealthy people that are growing larger every year, all puns intended. The number of obese people in this country, including children, teens and adults has tripled over the years.

There is a hefty price tag attached to these weight loss surgeries. They range from $10,000 all the way to over $30,000. And when you are finished with the surgery you can spend up to a week in the hospital recovering if there are no complications.

One of the consequences of undergoing these surgeries with their invasive methodologies is the risk of nutritional deficiency. Depending on which surgery you choose, you could be at risk of Calcium, vitamin D, iron, and vitamin B 12 deficiencies. With another surgery you risk being deficient in proper protein digestion and vitamins that are fat soluble. There are also the side effect of vomiting as a result of the surgeries and this also leads to deficiencies as you can probably imagine.

With this type of surgery there is a diet protocol that must be adhered to. Don’t you think this is particularly problematic for people who have shown a gross disregard for adhering to any type of healthy diet in the past? Especially concerning choices of types of food as well as portion size? I do, and that’s what concerns me about the whole process. Is it really necessary to undergo the surgery just to follow a special diet? And this special diet would probably cause you to lose the weight you wanted in the first place?

So when we get right down to it, even if you don’t have the surgery, following the right diet program would have you at your goal weight over time without all the dangers of undergoing such a drastic operation.

And to give you some different choices, there is a program that will take you through a virtual surgery for weight loss. It is a virtual gastric bypass that is done in the office of a hypnotist. It gets your mind in tune with the idea that you have a reduced stomach capacity as a result of an imagined operation. And then the hypnosis sessions that follow are designed to keep you on track with having you learn a new way of processing food. Starting with your mind and how you feel toward healthy eating.

All in all this seems a sensible way of approaching this process. It’s between 3-10% of the cost of the actual surgery, and you don’t have to spend time in the hospital recovering, nor risk any adverse side effects. So using hypnosis for weight loss in this unique way sounds like a great first step to take before any surgery is recommended.