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How the Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Program Deals With Hunger

Monday, October 18th, 2010

You’ve been gaining weight and having difficulty taking if off. You’ve been eating too much food, eating the wrong types of food, eating at the wrong times and for the wrong reasons. All of those eating related improper behaviors might have had you thinking that you have an increase in hunger. After all, when someone asks you why you’re eating, you’ve probably told them that you were hungry, right? Well is that true? What is hunger?

Hunger is your body’s physical response to a drop in blood sugar. Your body is designed to get energy or fuel from what we call food. In fact your body has a whole system designed to take in raw materials, organic matter like vegetables, fruit, nuts, animal products, and break them down into the building blocks of sustainable life for us humans. This is the fuel that we put into our system so we can get up and go, each and every morning.

Because you need a continual source of fuel to survive, you need a way of knowing when you need to replenish your fuel supplies. And that’s where hunger comes in. The feeling and sensation of hunger is like the low fuel supply light on the dashboard of your car. Hunger notifies you that your fuel is running low and it’s time to replenish by eating more of the raw materials. So when blood sugar drops, you feel hungry.

The interesting thing is that when you start to eat, and your body begins to digest food, your blood sugar rises. And depending on the speed in which digestion takes place, blood sugar can rise rapidly. When blood sugar rises, hunger disappears. Your body has a programmed response that prevents you from over eating. It’s a beautiful thing.

The virtual gastric band program can help you to stop overeating in a very straight forward manner. The virtual gastric band is an imagined band placed on the top part of your stomach. It’s a program that mimics the actual gastric band surgery in your mind. Providing your creative mind with a reason for feeling full quicker.

Putting yourself in touch with your natural physical hunger is one of the first steps to taking back control. Because if you are fat and overweight, you got that way by eating when you weren’t really hungry. Or continuing to eat when you have enough food for your nourishment. So it’s a process of getting back to the basics of normal, or what should be normal instinctual behavior.

Study Group For Virtual Gastric Band in New York City, NYC

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

There is a new process for weight loss that has been getting rave reviews in the press over in Europe. People are flocking to Spain and England to have a hypnotist perform a “virtual” surgery on them. They are being led through a process where their subconscious is led to believe that their virtual surgeon has performed a stomach altering surgery. So that they couldn’t possibly eat so much because their stomach is so small it wouldn’t hold any additional food.

What is really happening is their mind is being led to believe that they can’t eat the additional foods that has been making them fat. This sounds pretty amazing. But the press tells the stories of the people who have gone through the process, having lost significant weight because of it. The practitioners, newspapers and TV programs are claiming success rates ranging from 70 - 95%. It’s working so well that it’s grabbed the interest of the National Health Service over in Britain and they are considering using it to help lower costs of their national obesity epidemic.

The good news is that you can take advantage of this process right here in New York City. There is a new study being performed in my office. To see how effective this process is. The first group kicked off this past week, and all the participants were very excited about the potential. This is the turning point of their life.

There are more groups forming, but there is limited time and space for all the people who want to be a part of this process. If you want to be considered for a place in the forming study groups, give me a call at 212 223-1832. There are also some private one on one sessions for this program available too.