Anxiety Therapy and How It’s Different from Hypnosis Fear

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

If you are living with fear of any kind, you probably have thought about doing something about it. Because fear can be an overwhelming feeling that is pervasive. It can creep into your every day life and make it difficult to focus on what you are doing and live a normal life. I know how you feel. It’s really uncomfortable to wake up every morning and still feel that same rumbling underneath everything that you do. You might have thought that it was anxiety and you might have considered anxiety therapy to help you with that. If that worked for you great! You wouldn’t be still searching for answers.

The problem is that anxiety therapy is not the answer for every one and is not necessary when the problem is just fear. Fear creates a primal response known as the flight or fight response. Anxiety therapy doesn’t always address your problem the way it needs to be dealt with especially if it is not anxiety but fear. And your fear response is only your learned automatic response.

With hypnosis you can learn to change your responses to your thoughts. You can remove your habitual fear based responses naturally. Hypnosis is your natural ability to use trance in an effective communicative way. It is also complementary with other modalities. So if you are currently doing anxiety therapy you can ask your doctor for a referral to see your hypnotist to help with your fear. You might find that when you work on your fear, your anxiety also becomes less intense.

It really sucks going through life carrying around a fear that has no purpose. The purpose of fear is to protect us in dangerous situations. Most of your day in and day out life experiences are not dangerous. If they are then neither anxiety therapy nor hypnosis fear will help you. You need to take other measures to remove the dangerous situation.

One of the most common fear based responses is a fear of public speaking. Many people have this problem. It is a major problem that can affect your earning potential. As you move up the ladder of success it is more and more important that you be able to communicate with larger and larger groups of people. If you’re knees get weak, you feel faint, nauseous, get cold sweats, it is hard for you to be a good communicator. So taking care of this public speaking fear or phobia is an investment in your future.

Stop living your life in fear. If it is fear that you are experiencing I can help. Call to speak to me and we can figure out if hypnosis for fear is right for you. You can reach me at 212 223-1832. If the line is busy, keep trying. If you get voice mail just leave your message.

You can leave your comments below. Are you experiencing fear or is it something else, what do you think?

Performance Hypnosis - It’s More Than Just For Stage Fright

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Mandy Moore uses performance hypnosis to help with performance anxietyPerformance hypnosis is commonly used for performers who get stage fright. They literally choke under the pressure of performing. Singers will have difficulty reaching their notes, because it affects the muscles in their larynx. Comedians will experience cold sweats or flop sweat, and actors can become frozen in their tracks.

But this experience can be brought right into the board room of major corporations. In today’s fast paced world it’s important for team leaders to communicate to larger and larger groups of people. Their knowledge needs to be transferred to as many other staffers as possible in meetings big and small. It’s at these times that the corporate leaders of today first come to realize that they have a problem speaking in public. And when they realize it they also understand that if they don’t do something about it they will have hit their own personal glass ceiling. The limits of their corporate climb. Because unless they take back control and start to communicate with larger and larger goups of people as if they are talking one on one their worth to the corporation diminishes. And that’s a sad day.performance hypnosis for mandy moore

Luckily hypnosis to help people with public speaking, and performance fears is something that is within the grasp of most everyone in the corporate environment. And when you realize that your earning power and job safety is at stake it becomes a much more affordable undertaking.

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