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What is a Skeptical Hypnotist?

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

I am by nature somewhat skeptical. I usually don’t take things at face value. In order for me to do so, the info probably has to be coming from a reliable source. That is the nature of my skepticism.

So, when I went to my very first hypnosis training, I went with an open mind, but I needed to get some kind of information that would allow me to understand what hypnosis was. I needed to experience hypnotic trance for myself, and find out what it was all about.

I was quite amazed at that first training. The things I witnessed went far past what I was expecting. I saw a grown medical doctor spontaneously act like a 5 year old child. I saw sad dull exteriors become shining smiling faces. I saw smokers become non smokers and food cravings disappear. I saw the power of hypnosis in action.

Skepticism will not keep you from being hypnotized, nor will it prevent you from getting the results you see a hypnotist for. It might slow down the process, just a little bit. It shouldn’t even extend the length of your first hypnotic session. All you really need is a sincere desire to change. If you want to be a non smoker, then you need to have a sincere desire to stop smoking. And who wouldn’t want to stop smoking these days? If you want to lose weight, you only need a sincere desire to lose weight.

Follow my directions and I’ll lead you there.

Marc Carlin

Consulting Hypnotist
Making Your Best, Better