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Hypnosis For Fear Of Flying-And Flight 1549 Lands In Hudson River

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Just Another Day In The Life Of The NYC Hypnotist

It started out as just another normal workday in this hypnotist’s life. Working with people’s bad habits, and irrational fears are everyday occurrences. What I didn’t expect to happen was what everyone in the world heard about that day taking place just a few blocks away from where my office is located. Yes! a plane plopped down right in the Hudson River, just a short distance from where I was working with a client to help them get rid of their fear of flying.

Back to the Beginning

Jack Stewart came into my office a little after 3PM right about the time that the plane splashed down in the Hudson River and that daring rescue was taking place . What did he want? He wanted to overcome his fear of flying. You see, Jack (not his real name as my clients, a-list celebrities, super models, famous rock stars as well as everyday housewives, business owners, clerks, and others, all enjoy confidentiality) is an executive in the hotel industry and as part of his job, he had to fly to London in the next day for a special butler conference. He called and scheduled his first session to help him get on the plane without the jitters and the need for dangerous drugs. The coincidence happened during out session. As the plane ditched into the Hudson River, Jack was becoming a “fearless” flyer. When he left the office he felt on cloud 9 :-). He walked the streets to his ferry terminal trying to get back that old bad feeling, that scared feeling, without any “luck”.

Using Hypnosis is a very quick and powerful way to remove fears and take back rational control of your life.

Your Views Are Needed

Jack’s story doesn’t end there, so I’ll let you in on the whole case history of it if there is enough interest in finding out how this worked out for him. Let your interest be known in the comments section following this post.

Marc Carlin

The NYC Hypnotist

Hypnosis For Weight Loss - The Single Most Important Behavior For Weight Loss

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

How To Lose Weight While Eating

Ok, here it is. It is one of the most simple things you can do. It is extremely effective and powerful. And yet, when I first explain to you what it is, you’re probably going to put it aside, ignore it, or say to yourself, “that’s so simple”, or ” I knew that”. Don’t be put off the simplistic nature of what I’m about to reveal. Remember the power is in the action you take, not in your own conscious thoughts. So here is the simple strategy that will guarantee that you will reduce your weight. Allow yourself to only eat in a few specific locations. Period. That’s it, the simple strategy that will allow you to lose weight fast and steadily. There are some additional fine points that I’m going to make but that is pretty much it, in a nutshell.

Where You Eat Will Make You Fat

That’s right, your location choice of where you eat, or dine will most definitely make you fat. Some of those places that you have eaten in the past that have caused you to put on weight are sitting at your desk at work, sitting on the couch in front of the television, sitting in front of the computer, lying on your bed, standing around in the kitchen, or at work, or walking around eating, snacking, or drinking. These are the places that cause weight gain, and prevent weight loss. As far as walking around and eating, the Japanese culture has it correctly. You will rarely see Japanese people walking around the streets eating food. It is culturally unacceptable, even rude. This is obviously a learned behavior that has become accepted in our culture. There is a cure for this…STOP IT!

Mindful choices of where you eat are as important as when you eat and what you choose to eat. That’s because you want to have your full attention on the foods that you are eating. You want to focus and enjoy the foods, relish the taste, flavor, texture, and aroma. Know that you are eating and eating slowly and you will easily become aware of when you have eaten enough and naturally stop. When you focus on the mechanics of eating, you have no distractions and you are able to control the amount of foods you supply your body with, as well as fully enjoy what it is that you are eating. It’s called mindful eating.

How To Develop Mindful Eating

The simple way of developing mindful eating is to create the associations of good feelings with the places that you allow yourself the comfort of eating, and create the associations of bad, uncomfortable feelings with the places that you no longer will accept as places to eat food. In my office in NYC I regularly use hypnosis to facilitate this change in my clients. You can use the self hypnosis techniques that I teach in my self hypnosis mini course to mentally rehearse these pleasure and pain associations on your own as well. Even using your conscious mind to make a change, while taking longer to accomplish, will help you in developing the new habits of a healthy and fit person. And that’s what this is all about, creating the habits of a healthy and fit person.

In Summary

You have the power to take back control of your eating behaviors. It is a simple process once you identify those behaviors that are causing you to gain weight. I have found that many of the clients that come to see me are unaware of what the behaviors are that are the cause of their weight problem. There is also those who know what they are doing wrong, but can’t seem to make the change on their own. Those people are usually driven more by the emotional pleasure they derive from the behavior, or even from the distractive nature of the behavior rather than the need to consume nutrition for survival. With those people it is necessary to work through what feeling component is to their unwelcome behavior before they can make changes in the behavior itself.

Sign up for my weight loss self hypnosis mini course and learn the techniques that will hasten the process of change for you. Take back control of your life, and do it now. Nothing happens until something moves.

I’d really like to read your comments on this post. What you think is important to me. I get a bunch of emails from people looking to make changes and your comments will help.

Citigroup Layoffs-Hypnosis Helps-Wall Street Journal Reports

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Hypnosis Helps Victims Of Citigroup Layoffs

The news today that rocked the financial markets was about the massive layoffs scheduled by Citigroup that stated that 50,000 jobs would be eliminated. This is going to be a great hardship for many families. And one of the things they can consider to help them with this difficult situation was reported in the Wall Street Journal last week. The WSJ reported that hypnotists are helping clients affected by the current economy, market swings, and unemployment by using hypnosis to change attitudes. The attitude that we take firmly will enable us to take the necessary steps to focus on the tasks at hand without the worry that might freeze and prevent the very behaviors that are required in this special time.

Here’s how it works.

While in a trance state, we humans become more open to suggestion. We can eliminate uncomfortable responses to situations. We can view things in a new and more rewarding perspective. When we are able to either eliminate or manage stress we can take back control.

What the stress response does.

Stress is the response that is programed into us for our own protection. It is known as the fight or flight response. This is our instinctive response to danger. You know, the response that all living creatures have. Take for example the possum. When in danger, what does the possum do? It plays dead. That’s why the phrase playin’ possum came about. We humans are a little more advanced than the possum, but it appears not much. We have the ability to do a bunch of different things. Responses to danger that we take depends on the situation at hand. But our flight or fight response kicks in with either running or fighting. Or we can play dead. Freeze in our tracks, just like our friend the possum. So afraid to take action that we take no action at all, (or so we think). But that inaction is a choice and actually an action in response to danger none the less.

Why the fight or flight response ends up freezing us?

The fight or flight response has a physical component. Our bodies respond in a predictable way. Our muscles tense up in preparation for running or fighting. Our digestion slows down or stops, again in response to running or fighting, and our breathing becomes very shallow, again in order to help us better run or fight. Now if that muscle tightening that we experience becomes too intense, we actually don’t do anything, like that possum. Surely those of us that would’ve responded that way during prehistoric times would have been weeded out of the gene pool. But these days that stress response is not a response to such a dire attack. We experience stress from financial difficulties, relationship problems, everyday situations that are uncomfortable for us. It’s not life or death, but our bodies respond as if it is.

How Hypnosis Helps With The Citigroup Layoffs

Working with a hypnotist, the affected Citigroup workers are able to release the tension, stress and anxiety of being suddenly thrust out into the current job market. When we are free of unnecessary stress, we can take action that will satisfy the needs wants and desires that are responsible for that stress in the first place. Seeing things in their true perspective. Being able to distance yourself from the unhealthy thoughts that are causing distress and preventing the actions necessary to procure a new job, career, position, business opportunity. It opens the client up to the new possibilities that are out there.

Group Hypnosis Seminar For These Trying Times

I’ll be giving a group seminar on how to use hypnosis to effectively take back control in this seemingly trying business and economic climate in December. If you would like to be notified of this rewarding program, fill in the form on the right. I take your privacy seriously and would never sell or rent the information to anyone or any group. You can also learn how to do Self Hypnosis to focus your mind by enrolling in my free self hypnosis mini course.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss-Changing Habits

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Hypnosis for weight loss?

Is it possible to use hypnosis to lose weight?

Absolutely yes

How would you use hypnosis for weight loss?

In my office in NYC I use Hypnosis to help people take back control over their habits and behaviors. I help them eliminate old unhealthy habits by teaching them how to replace those old habits with new healthier behaviors and then I work with them so that these new behaviors then become their conditioned habitual responses. And when this takes place losing weight becomes the natural response to healthier behaviors

You see, it is our habits, our unthinking, unconscious patterns, that get us into the most trouble. If we condition ourselves to walk into our home everyday at the end of the workday, and drop our packages on the floor, and run into the kitchen for a “treat” of some kind of non-essential food (unhealthy food) and then plop ourselves on the couch in front of the TV, then every day we will feel compelled to do this same unhealthy activity. In fact, if we omit this activity from our normal everyday list of things to do, we will feel out of sorts. We will feel off balance. Things will not seem right. If we complete our day of work with a trip to the gym, or the yoga class, or the meditation circle, we can create this same kind of conditioned response with a healthier behavior. And when we don’t follow through with this new healthier behavior, we will get those same feelings of being out of sorts, off balance, or not feeling right. And those uncomfortable feelings will propel us to stay on track with a healthier behavior rather than an unhealthy behavior.

How can hypnosis help me with developing good habits?

Hypnotic trance is a state where we become more suggestible. We tend to believe and accept whatever suggestions are placed into the subconscious mind when we are in hypnotic trance. In my office, I suggest to my clients that they will start to behave differently. I suggest that they will start to behave in the way that they have agreed to behave during our brief pre-session interview. I link the old behaviors to an extremely unpleasant feeling or experience so they will be motivated to stop doing that unhealthy behavior. Then I have my clients practice the new behavior and link it to an extremely pleasant feeling or experience so they are motivated to follow through with the new healthier behavior.

Why does this hypnosis process work?

Now the reason this works, is that we tend to move away from things that feel bad and move toward things that make us feel good. You’ve heard of the metaphor of the donkey being coaxed in two ways. With a carrot and a stick. Basically this is providing my clients with their own carrot and stick. Nudging them along a path that will lead them to the healthier choices that are required for them to lower their current weight and keep them able to maintain that weight for as long as they want to maintain that healthy lifestyle. This is a lifestyle change, not a remedial quick fix like a short term diet that, because it is so restrictive, is impossible to maintain. When you change your lifestyle and it becomes habitual, its becomes as easy as brushing your teeth every morning, or washing your hands at specific times. And because habits are so very powerful, we make them our powerful allies in our program of weight loss.

In Summary

This then becomes one of the very powerful ways that hypnosis is effective at helping my clients become thinner, healthier and happier. Hypnosis is also a very pleasant experience for people so they have fun, and feel extremely relaxed and more capable. Just a by product of this rewarding way of making changes permanently.

How To get Started Now With Hypnosis For Weight Loss

You can get started by doing self hypnosis. An easy a quick way to learn self hypnosis is with my free 5 day self hypnosis course. You can sign up for it by clicking on this link for self hypnosis for weight loss. You will find a sign up box in the upper right hand corner. Just fill in your name and email, and you will get delivered to your email box the best information on self hypnosis you can find anywhere. It is similar to the self hypnosis instructions that I provided as the author of the new book, “Real World Hypnosis: Insider Tips from Leading Hypnotists”, and you get it for free.

Hypnosis To Lose Weight-What Does It Take?

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Losing weight is an involved process

There are a number of things that should be addressed and changed in order to lose weight. No great new information for you there. But did you know that by using hypnosis you could make that process easier and more pleasurable. You can make it an automatic unthinking process that when you stay with it, will bring you down to a much more attractive and desirable weight. In the next few moments I’ll show you one of the ways I do this.

You’ve been on diets before, struggled to maintain a restrictive diet. And what happens? When someone, even you, tells you that you can’t eat a certain food, that food becomes even more desirable. You start to crave that particular food, not because you want it, but because you can’t have it. These restrictive programs also have another downside. When you restrict your food intake your body, through a survival mechanism, thinks there is a famine and starts to slow down your metabolism to conserve your energy stores. Just the opposite of what you want to happen if you are trying to lose weight. So diets don’t work. It’s just that simple. And if you’ve ever been on a diet you probably found this to be true. You gained all the weight back as soon as you stopped eating in that restrictive manner.

So, how can hypnosis make this different?

When you are hypnotized, one of the things that an experienced and well-trained hypnotist will be able to do is to change your response to food and eating. We all are born with the proper behavior toward food that we want to have. That behavior is to eat when hungry and stop when full. Have you ever noticed how an infant eats? An infant eats until it is full, and then stops. It spits out the nipple and will refuse to eat, because it doesn’t need the food anymore. It has supplied itself with the necessary nutrients it requires to take care of its needs for the next couple of hours.

You were born with that same ability. As a well-trained hypnotist, I create the states that are necessary for my clients to make changes in their responses and reactions to foods…even the thoughts of food. And by doing just this simple process my clients start to see food and eating differently. They are no longer controlled by food. They are satisfied with a small amount of food. They regain control over the simple task of supplying nutrients to their body, and that feels good.

This is just one of the methods I use in helping my clients regain control over food, and lose weight.

In Summary

So if you want to effectively use hypnosis to help you to lose weight, one of the things you need is to create the state where food is just another object that we use to supply life, like breathing, and drinking water.

If you would like to get a free mini-course to learn how you can use self-hypnosis to lose weight, just sign up for my mini-course in the box on the right.

Marc Carlin

The NYC Hypnotist