Geneen Roth’s Book, Women Food and God Mesmerizing

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

This new book by Geneen Roth has been described as mesmerizing. Which I find an interesting observation. As you probably know, Anton Mesmer was the original hypnotist. People would line up for blocks around his office to see him in groups and be mesmerized into healing themselves. In retrospect it appears he didn’t really understand how what he did helped people, but it did help people to overcome some very difficult maladies.

Hypnosis today is commonly used for weight loss. And dealing with the emotional aspect of why we eat is the cornerstone of a successful hypnosis for weight loss program. Geneen Roth has been the subject of a couple of Oprah Winfrey TV shows, and has garnered a lot of publicity and public acclaim for her weight loss workshops and programs by doing so.

From what I have gathered from the information about her book and work, the main purpose of her approach to weight loss is to stop the cycle of emotional eating. I find that admirable because emotional eating is probably the biggest problem faced by overweight and obese people. She does it in her special approach of self discovery that she claims works. I admire anyone who accepts the challenge of helping the overweight and obese population. Especially if their program is designed to help them work through their emotional connections to food. Because I know how rewarding it can be when someone is able to experience the true freedom of thought and action.

Hypnosis is the most powerful tool you can use to effectively change your emotional response and build the powerful emotional response that can assist you in your life, instead of hamper you and keep you stuck. Using hypnosis for weight loss, you become unstuck and have the opportunity to build the habits that serve you well.

What are your own emotional difficulties with food? Have you gone through Geneen Roth’s program? or read her book? Leave your comments below.

Women, Food and God - How Hypnosis Can Train You Quickly

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

There’s a book that is highly recommended by Oprah Winfrey. It is written by Geneen Roth, and it deals with the emotions behind your eating behaviors. In fact, Oprah is now placing Geneen in her special guru category and is now claiming that this author is the reason why she has decided to take back the good fight and work toward losing the weight she needs to lose to be happy.

Being happy is the goal, and not the weight loss. But they certainly will go together as Oprah remains steadfast on her journey toward emotional freedom. That’s the freedom to feel the emotions that come up so she can respond to any and all emotions in a way that is most satisfactory.

Geneen Roth explains in her book that food is a teacher for those who use food to deal with their emotions. Sit back and take some time before you eat. A food meditation can be revealing to you.

You can speed this process along considerably when you combine what you learn in Roth’s book with the hypnosis techniques that I frequently use to rid clients of their past relationship with food. The emotional reasons that cause people to eat are learned responses that do not hold up under the scrutiny of the meditative experiences that Roth recommends. And using the hypnotic techniques of the masters can have those emotions debunked in your first or second session. When the emotional reasons for using food wrongly are corrected, you become free to treat food the way it was intended. For nourishment and rebuilding your body to equilibrium.

Join me for your affordable group or one on one training to learn the correct way to respond to your food choices and free yourself from emotional eating forever.

To find out how to join a group or to see about your own personal sessions call me at 212 223-1832.

What is your biggest nagging concern about emotional eating? What kind of food related problem have you been dealing with? Post your questions and concerns below.

ABC News Claims Hypnosis Works For Weight Loss

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Does hypnosis work for weight loss? That is a common question for people looking to lose weight and wanting the answers to some important questions. Aside from the previous question, the other questions, “why aren’t I able to lose weight?” , or “why am I always thinking about food?” and of course, “what’s wrong with me?

Hypnosis can help you answer many of your unanswered questions and help you to create the attitudes similar to the attitude that you have observed with fit and healthy people around you. The fit and healthy people around you are going to become your role models as you regain the healthy ways that you were born with. Yes you were born with healthy ways of eating and behaving.

So ABC News has discovered the power of hypnosis. Here are some of the things that they have said about hypnosis:

Hypnosis is an age-old technique designed to speak to your subconscious mind and alter your behavior. Known to work well to quit smoking...”

They wrote about one woman who had lost 95 pounds using hypnosis to help her change her habits. Here’s what they said:

Judy Lederman has struggled with her weight all her life, and said hypnosis helped her lose 95 pounds… Not wanting to deal with another diet, she went to a hypnotist. At the time, Lederman weighed 224 pounds.

Initially, she was skeptical. Not so, when she saw the results.

It didn’t happen over night, but the point is that it did work and she’s now 129 pounds. Here’s what Judy had to say about one of the changes in her thoughts and attitudes:

I used to go out of my way to find the best bakery or the best cakes or pastries,” Lederman said. “At this point, I would go anywhere to find the best hypnotist, the best gym. My whole way of thinking has turned on that. And the pastries, they can just sit in the bakery.

There are new techniques to help you lose all that extra weight. One of the new programs available now is a virtual gastric weight loss band process that has a very high success rate in Europe. There are special programs starting right now in New York for this process and volunteers are needed to see if we can achieve similar results.

If you would like to be considered for these initial study groups then contact me as 212 223-1832.

What do you think are your big weight loss problems? I’d like to hear what you have to say.

Weight Loss Hypnosis-Is Hypnosis Effective For Weight Loss?

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

How Effective Is Hypnosis For Weight Loss?

Since many of the people I speak with and hear from ask similar questions, I feel it necessary to supply the answers, not only to them, but to everyone else as well. Because if it’s on their mind, that same question is probably on your mind as well. And one of the most common questions asked of me about hypnosis for weight loss is whether hypnosis is effective for weight loss.

I probably do more sessions for weight loss in my office than for any other issue. Using hypnosis to help build new habits is very helpful in providing my clients with the tools necessary to regain control over their behaviors. Hypnosis is extremely effective in changing our perceptions of things. As in the case of pain management, we can change our perception of pain. Because pain is a perceived, or interpreted response, we can change how we experience that feeling. In cases of pain, we can change the response to one of pressure, or heat, or even remove it completely. These are all things we do naturally, but haphazardly because we don’t know how to control our experience. But using hypnosis for pain we are able to change the way we experience pain.

How Can Changing Our Perceptions Help In Weight Loss?

Now in the case of weight loss, we can take that ability to change perceptions and use it to change our perceptions of what food is. Food is really fuel for our bodies but often we haphazardly program ourselves to connect food with comfort. Using Hypnosis for weight loss we can change that perception. We respond to foods differently. In some cultures bugs and dogs are considered food. In our culture we don’t consider them food, but you can see that humans do have the ability to change our perceptions of what is considered appropriate nourishment. So with hypnosis we can dictate which foods are appealing, and which foods are revolting. Do you think this could be helpful to you as you work to build more appropriate habits that are designed for a healthier lifestyle? I think so too.

Studies Prove Hypnosis For Weight Loss Is Effective

Now I’ve given you just a couple of examples (I use many different approaches to weight loss hypnosis based upon each of my client’s individual needs) of how hypnosis can be effective for weight loss, but you don’t have to take my word for it. There are many studies available that back up my own experiences. There’s a study listed on the National Institute of Health’s website, published in the Journal Of Consulting And Clinical Psychology that shows that hypnosis improved weight loss by double. That is a 100% improvement of weight loss when used in conjunction with a weight loss plan. This study was done at Department of Psychology, University of Connecticut, by I. Kirsch in 1996.

If you found a way to double your success rate with weight loss wouldn’t you want to use it? If you were able to change your relationship with food forever, would you?

I invite you to learn some simple self hypnosis techniques to help you get started in changing your mind about the way you relate to food. I have a free mini course to help you begin right here: Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Hypnosis New York-Is It Effective For Weight Loss?

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

This is a common question that I get.  I’ll also respond to the question of whether hypnosis is dangerous as this is a common misconception and myth about hypnosis.  I’ll answer the second question first.

Is Hypnosis for weight loss dangerous?
One of the things that make people hesitate to use the services of a hypnotist or to use self hypnosis is that they think that hypnosis is dangerous.  Well in all cases, the answer to this question is absolutely not.  Part of what people seek when they are looking to use a hypnotist is to find someone who will make them do something that they can’t do or don’t want to do.  Kind of like giving someone the power to make them into a zombie of sorts or Stepford wife.  And this notion that they could have this kind of relationship with another person is what also scares them.  Well the hypnotist can’t turn you into an unwilling participant in anything!  The hypnotist can only help you with what you are willing and able to accomplish.  Working with a hypnotist will help you to see, feel and act fully congruent with what you really want to accomplish.  So there is no danger in seeking the help of a hypnotist or in using self hypnosis techniques to assist you in short or long term goals.

Now onto the second question:

Is Weight Loss Hypnosis Effective?

Hypnosis is a word that describes a state of mind that allows new ideas, beliefs, and behaviors to be accepted into a willing participant’s mind without critical or judgmental scrutiny.  This lessens the likelihood   of rejection.  So someone coming to see me with a desire to lose weight will be guided into this special experience where prior agreed upon suggestions will be presented for acceptance.  During this time changes in perceptions will occur.  Using emotions to trigger positive responses to the behaviors that produce weight loss will be installed.  So that when my client eats the right kind of food in the right proportions they will feel powerful positive feelings.  I will also use emotions to trigger negative responses to the behaviors that have been keeping them fat or contributing to their unhealthy problems.  So that when they look at foods they want to avoid they will feel powerful negative feelings that keep them from wanting to indulge in those unhealthy foods and/or behaviors.

Each hypnotist approaches their clients, and their client’s problems in their own unique way.  I require my clients to commit to making the changes and commit to a series of sessions.  It is quite clear that the best weight loss programs are designed around a support system, and I view my work in the same way.  The series of sessions act as a support system for my clients as they build the new behaviors and responses into their lifestyle.

You probably already know that habits are what make our lives easier.  Habits help us to do repetitive tasks without thinking, so we can focus on what really needs our attention during our normal day to day existence.  With any change in lifestyle we are looking to develop habits that make it easy for us to maintain and continue this lifestyle.  So as we develop the habits of a healthy and fit person they become who we are.

Is It Temporary?

Someone responded to this question noting that the results of hypnosis are temporary.  Nothing could be further from the truth, but this again is a common myth and misconception.  Hypnosis is as temporary as any knowledge that we know and learn.  When you learn to ride a bicycle is that learning temporary?  Even if you stopped riding for many years, does that mean that it’s temporary?  No, of course not!  Of course we could choose to ride or not ride, because that is our free will.  Again, we need to review that hypnosis is not dangerous.  If hypnosis was about taking away my clients choice, that would be dangerous.  But by connecting my clients to many positive responses to the correct behaviors, they’re able to use those good feelings to guide them to a healthy and fit new life.