Is Hypnosis Effective?

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

With hypnosis often portrayed in the media as a novelty act, many people who could be helped using hypnosis often ask the question, is hypnosis effective?

Hypnosis is often overlooked and footnoted in the medical literature, but that is quickly changing. ┬áHere’s a recent news report from Fox News profiling how effective hypnosis can be when used for medical purposes.

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April Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Month - IBS Awareness Month

Monday, April 4th, 2011

April has been declared IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Month by the International Foundation of Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders.

Here’s a little bit about IBS because so many people have asked, “what is IBS?” IBS is a disorder who’s symptoms are abdominal pain, discomfort, and changing bowel habits. These changes can include chronic or recurrent diarrhea, constipation, or both. They can manifest as mixed or in alternate responses. It’s a very common disorder, affecting between 10-15 % of the population in the US.

One of the most effective methods to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS is the use of hypnotism, or hypnotherapy. Using hypnosis and mental imagery clients have reported sustainable and repeated relief from the symptoms of this disorder. In fact, the NHS, which is the governing body overseeing the health care system in the UK, has been referring their citizens to hypnotherapy as a means to treat this problem.

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How the Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Program Deals With Hunger

Monday, October 18th, 2010

You’ve been gaining weight and having difficulty taking if off. You’ve been eating too much food, eating the wrong types of food, eating at the wrong times and for the wrong reasons. All of those eating related improper behaviors might have had you thinking that you have an increase in hunger. After all, when someone asks you why you’re eating, you’ve probably told them that you were hungry, right? Well is that true? What is hunger?

Hunger is your body’s physical response to a drop in blood sugar. Your body is designed to get energy or fuel from what we call food. In fact your body has a whole system designed to take in raw materials, organic matter like vegetables, fruit, nuts, animal products, and break them down into the building blocks of sustainable life for us humans. This is the fuel that we put into our system so we can get up and go, each and every morning.

Because you need a continual source of fuel to survive, you need a way of knowing when you need to replenish your fuel supplies. And that’s where hunger comes in. The feeling and sensation of hunger is like the low fuel supply light on the dashboard of your car. Hunger notifies you that your fuel is running low and it’s time to replenish by eating more of the raw materials. So when blood sugar drops, you feel hungry.

The interesting thing is that when you start to eat, and your body begins to digest food, your blood sugar rises. And depending on the speed in which digestion takes place, blood sugar can rise rapidly. When blood sugar rises, hunger disappears. Your body has a programmed response that prevents you from over eating. It’s a beautiful thing.

The virtual gastric band program can help you to stop overeating in a very straight forward manner. The virtual gastric band is an imagined band placed on the top part of your stomach. It’s a program that mimics the actual gastric band surgery in your mind. Providing your creative mind with a reason for feeling full quicker.

Putting yourself in touch with your natural physical hunger is one of the first steps to taking back control. Because if you are fat and overweight, you got that way by eating when you weren’t really hungry. Or continuing to eat when you have enough food for your nourishment. So it’s a process of getting back to the basics of normal, or what should be normal instinctual behavior.

What is the Virtual Gastric Band?

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

There is a new process for weight loss that has had continued success in Europe and the UK. It is called the virtual gastric band program. This program is being taught to new practitioners in the U.S. in NYC from October 15-17, 2010. You can check out what the program is and see if you qualify to learn how to use it to help others lose weight. There’s a post about it where you can find out what you need to know to learn virtual gastric band program.

Allen Carr author of Easy Way Stop Smoking Book Used Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

This is something that most people don’t know. And even though he wrote about it in his book very few people understand or remember. Allen Carr, who wrote the book The Easy Way to Stop Smoking went to see a hypnotist to stop smoking cigarettes.

Yep, you read that right! Alan Carr used stop smoking hypnosis performed by a stop smoking hypnotist to get him off of a 100 cigarette per day habit. [edited]

added June 21, 2010
Update: I’ve been contacted by the Allen Carr organization, or someone purporting to be from Allen Carr organization in London at 8:59 AM EDT on June 21, 2010, claiming that I disparaged the name of Allen Carr. This gentleman, (who refused to identify himself, even though I asked his name 3 times), mentioned he was giving me the chance to do something about what I wrote before he turned the matter over to their attorneys in New York. So, not wanting to disparage Allen Carr which was never my intention, and not wanting to court disaster with a lawsuit I am removing the rest of this post that has to do with Allen Carr and what I think are his views of hypnosis.

Now I must add that being sued by the Allen Carr organization might turn out to be a publicity gold mine for me, but that would certainly be a crap shoot, now wouldn’t it? I mean, press releases about it would be all over the internet. Appearances on the Regis show, Ellen Degenerous, maybe even Oprah! But I digress.

I want to add that this bloke from across the pond mentioned that Allen Carr, “helped millions of people” and “never did a bad thing in his life.” So my interpretation and views of the words that Allen Carr wrote in his book are being edited out of this post.

If you want to know exactly what I said about Allen Carr, you’ll just have to fill out the form below and you’ll get it sent to you along with my ebook on using self hypnosis to quit smoking.

[end of edit]

So take the time right now to congratulate yourself as you call me to help you quit smoking cigarettes today. My unique program for New York stop smoking hypnosis will assist you in getting the results you want. And I’m so confident in the power of my programs I have a satisfaction guarantee.

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