Advantages of Using Hypnosis Help Quit Smoking

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Remember what it was like to get out of bed, excited to get started on the adventures of living that lay before you. Remember what it was like to get out of bed filled with the energy that you received from your restful night’s sleep. If you’re having difficulty recalling those valuable times it’s probably because you’ve been smoking cigarettes too long. And if you’re reading this post you’re probably smart enough to know that it’s time for a change. Change with hypnosis to quit smoking can happen quickly and easily so read through all the words in this post to get the answers you’re looking for.

Maybe you are having difficulty with quitting smoking. Don’t worry. You have something going for you that other smokers don’t. You actually have a sincere desire to quit. I know that to be true of you.
How do I know? Because if you tried to quit and failed, and you’re on this website, that means you are still looking for a way to help you quit smoking for good. You haven’t given up. And I applaud you and congratulate you on your perseverance. And perseverance in this case is a good quality. But it didn’t always help you.

Perseverance is what helped you become a smoker. That’s right. Go back to that first time that you smoked your very first cigarette. How did you body respond? If you’re like the rest of us, you coughed, you got dizzy, you got nauseous. It wasn’t like your first time having some candy, now was it?

No. But something inside you decided that smoking was something you needed to learn to do. And that’s where your perseverance came in. You continued to put that cigarette into your mouth and continued practicing smoking until you actually became a smoker, thanks to your perseverance. Now we know that was a mistake. Let’s not harp on that past mistake. Mistakes happen all the time. It’s important not to make the same mistake over and over again. So we want to learn from our mistakes and our successes.

The point is you had to work at becoming a smoker. And now you want to become a non smoker and that quality that you have, that perseverance will serve you well. Do not stop in your quest to become a non smoker. Use every tool available to you to reach your goal of becoming a on smoker.

Hypnosis to quit smoking is one of the most powerful tools you can use to help you become a nonsmoker. You can use your perseverance along with the proper mental programing to change your attitude, behaviors, and habits so that you can more easily be that nonsmoker that you dream about.

With hypnosis to quit smoking you use the nature of how your mind works to program it to become a different person with new habits. And you can start from wherever you are. Depending on where you are in the evolution of nonsmoker > smoker > nonsmoker. If you can’t see yourself without a cigarette in your hand or mouth, than you would first use some mental rehearsal and visualization self hypnosis to practice forming the picture of you as a non smoker. If you can see yourself as a nonsmoker, than start with those ties that you always think about cigarettes. Like first thing in the morning, or after a meal, or after sex. You begin where you are and then never give up, never give up, never give up.

Smoking Cessation Hypnosis-Does a Smoking Hypnotist Stop You From Smoking?

Friday, July 17th, 2009

There has been much in the news about how to stop smoking. Top on the list of the most effective stop smoking modalities is going to see a smoking hypnotist.  And the question comes up, does a hypnotist stop you from smoking cigarettes?

First let’s address what hypnosis is and isn’t.  Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of increased suggestibility where we humans are more receptive to accepting information.  This information can be from ourselves and from others as well.  This state is accessed quite a number of times each day without our willful intent of achieving this trance.  It is not a state where we are bound to follow any suggestion that comes our way.  It is not a state where we become powerless and become subjugated to the will of others.  So there is nothing that you need to fear of your naturally occurring hypnotic trance state, even when guided there by your hypnotist.

So now we know that we can easily go into trance, in fact we enter this state daily without any help.  So what about smoking cessation hypnosis, will the hypnotist make you stop smoking?  Well the short answer to that is, yes, and no.  You will stop smoking cigarettes when you visit a smoking hypnotist but the hypnotist will not make you stop smoking.  The hypnotist will be able to change the way you respond to cigarettes.  And you will be the one who makes you stop smoking.

Think about this for a moment.  There are plenty of things that you allow yourself to do.  Some of these things are similar to what others around you do as well.  It could be as simple as allowing yourself to eat certain foods, and removing other foods as even a consideration of food choices.

In certain cultures it’s more acceptable to eat certain foods than others.  You see this all around you with the different choices of ethnic food restaurants around your area.  Chinese food is different from Mexican food and that is different from Thai food, or Italian food, right?   Sometimes the first time we are presented with a food that is foreign to us, we reject the food because it’s unfamiliar.  Sometimes it’s culturally unacceptable to eat.  Some cultures eat dog while in the western cultures the thought of eating your pet would turn your stomach.

And that’s what changing perceptions is all about.  If every time you were presented with the choice of a cigarette, when your perceptions had changed by working with a hypnotist, your response would be as if it was some kind of foreign substance.  Not even something that you would consider inputting into your body.  And when that happens, you become familiar with being a non smoker.  Someone who no longer associates smoking with the normal everyday activities that you participate in.

This becomes a very powerful shift in your perceptions that will help you to become a non smoker for the rest of your life.  And that’s why when you visit a smoking hypnotist for a smoking cessation hypnosis session you are able to leave the office becoming a non smoker very rapidly and without withdrawal of any kind.  Allowing you the opportunity to then re-build the habits of a non smoker.

Smoking Cessation Hypnosis-What Does It Cost To Use A Smoking Hypnotist?

Monday, July 13th, 2009

People are always interested in how much it costs to see a smoking hypnotist to help them to stop smoking cigarettes.  And in these times more than any other people are concerned with the cost of any stop smoking program.  It usually makes me smile when I hear someone ask that question, because it often means that they are ready to spend some money to help them solve their problem, and that’s what I’m here for.

One of the primary things that brings a smoker to my office is the desire to stop smoking because they are tired of being a slave to a behavior that is no longer giving them any benefit.  They are doing something that they are not in control of.  It is also costing them a substantial amount of money every day, week, month and year that they continue to smoke, not to mention how much they have already spent on cigarettes.  And the costs don’t end with the dollars and cents outlay for cigarettes.

There are real costs associated with the increased financial burden placed on the smoker and their families because of increased colds, and viruses contracted meaning lost work days, higher medical bills, higher insurance costs.  There are even places that won’t allow you to rent places to live or stay if you are a smoker.  (This has spoiled quite a few people’s retirement plans).

So when you ask what it costs for smoking cessation hypnosis, it’s wise to compare it to what it costs to continue to smoke.  The good news is that it shouldn’t cost more than what you already spend on cigarettes for the next few weeks.  And since you still have quite a few years of life left in you, you’ll probably be saving enough each year to take a nice vacation, upgrade to a nicer car, or even be able to take in more movies or shows each month.  I’m happy to report that those few people (10% of the population reportedly make buying decisions on price alone) usually self select as people who don’t respond well to this stop smoking process.

Stopping smoking is about investing in your health and well being.  It’s a great feeling to be back in control of the things you do.  You already know what you’re willing to spend to continue making yourself unhealthy, the question is what are you willing to invest in making yourself well and in control?  Scheduling a session with a smoking hypnotist now is a smart investment to make.

Smoking Hypnotist-How Does Hypnosis To Quit Smoking Work?

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Hypnosis has been helping people heal and make changes for hundreds of years. Anton Mesmer popularized a trance method for healing back in 1774, but human beings have been going into hypnotic trance and using it effectively in a natural way ever since there was thinking and rational behavior. Hypnotic trance is a naturally occurring experience that a smoking hypnotist will use to help a smoker become a non smoker.

Becoming a non smoker is easier than most people make it out to be. After all, smoking is not second nature to us and we weren’t born to smoke. In fact smoke in any form is an irritant and being around smoke causes an immediate fight of flight response. We smokers had to work real hard to learn how to smoke. It’s not quitting smoking that’s hard but what’s hard is the process of changing one habit for another. It’s always easier to continue doing what we’re used to than to change to something that has become unfamiliar.

Now when you go to see a smoking hypnotist for smoking cessation hypnosis they will first get you comfortable going into a good trance state. A good hypnotist, that is well trained should be able to do this in about 5 minutes. While in hypnosis, you will become more suggestible. This just means that you are more accepting to new ideas, new behaviors, and new experiences. A well trained and experienced hypnotist will also have given you all the info that you need before hand so that you will be ready and able to accept the suggestions for being a non smoker.

Once these suggestions of being a non smoker are accepted by your subconscious there is a perception shift. You put an end to being a smoker, and you have become a non smoker and respond in your world as a non smoker would. So that every time you see someone else smoking you no longer feel like you’re missing out on something. You won’t be depriving yourself of anything because cigarettes are no longer something that you want. You become a non smoker because that is how you identify yourself to be.

This is a very quick process. In most cases all that is necessary is one or two sessions. It is important to have a special support system in place so that you don’t slip up and go back to smoking. This is critical because you don’t want to go back to smoking. I think in this day and age with all the negatives surrounding smoking and smokers, once you stop, it’s unlikely you will slip back into the old way again.

So now it’s time to stop reading about smoking hypnosis and get some training in self hypnosis or visit a hypnotist so that you can become a non smoker for the rest of your life. Even if you have failed before when you used other techniques to quit smoking you’ll be able to stop with the help of hypnosis. Even if you failed before using hypnotherapy to stop smoking you will still be able to stop smoking using advanced hypnotic techniques. No one needs to smoke cigarettes. We need to breath fresh air and that is what our bodies crave. Give yourself the gift of good health and long life by becoming a non smoker.