What To Do About Radiation Fears Because of Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown?

I get lots of different questions about how hypnosis can help people who are experiencing fears.

Here’s a question that has come up recently because of the Nuclear problems that Japan has experienced since they were hit with an earthquake followed by a Tsunami.

Here’s what Nicole has asked, “How do I get rid of this fear I have of being poisoned by radiation? I’ve been feeling like this since I watched the problems that Japan is going through. I have this underlying sense of doom and hopelessness, and it is affecting how I relate to other people and even my motivation level.”

Well Nicole, that is a great question. While we don’t get many people come in for fear of radiation poisoning, we do deal with people experiencing fear that is making their life unpleasant. And there are some simple methods you can use to overcome that feeling of dread that you are currently aware of.

Our minds can focus on only one or two things at any one time. We can flip between maybe 7 to 9 different thoughts and feelings but we generally focus on just one or two items at any one time. What many of us don’t understand is that we are the ones in control of our thoughts. So one method of feeling better is to change the focus of your thoughts. For example, if you are becoming nervous or upset over the notion that the radioactive problem in Japan can affect you, the first thing you should do is determine whether that fear is real or not. If you do feel that it is real, then take whatever precautions you feel are appropriate to protect yourself. If after taking precautions you still feel that sense of dread, then you need to train your mind to think other thoughts.

Here’s the thing about our feelings. Our feelings are signals from our inner mind sending the message that we need to do something for protection. Fear is definitely based upon the need for protection. So if you have done everything you can possibly do to protect yourself, there is no need to continue to allow that signal to “sound”. In this case you actively begin to get rid of the thought of Japan’s problems which is bringing up this now unnecessary feeling. And a way to accomplish this is to train your mind to think of something more helpful. Even to remember a pleasant experience you once had can help to remove any fearful thoughts.

Anytime your mind drifts back to that fearful thought you can actively do something to replace the thought. One thing that works nicely is to just have a key word that will stop any thought from coming up and then you can slip into your mind a thought you would like to be thinking. For example, when the unpleasant thought comes up, you can say the word, “STOP” and then slip in the thought of spending the day at a pleasant event, maybe a picnic, the beach, a pool, or any place where you felt safe and secure. Each time you do that, and it might take repeated effort on your part, you are training your mind to bring up the thoughts that are most helpful for you.

There are many other ways to change your thoughts and your emotional responses and when you use hypnotic techniques you can make this process happen much quicker and start to feel better going about your normal everyday business.

To find out more about using hypnosis to deal with fear, even the fear of a nuclear meltdown in Japan, give me a call at 212 223-1832.

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