Can Your Child’s School Cause Panic Attacks?

You probably are very concerned for your child’s safety and well being. And you become especially concerned when your son or daughter experiences fear as a result of attending school. That’s completely understandable. After all, you send your child to school to get an education and to learn social skills. You don’t expect them to be left unprotected from other elements that could be causing them problems, and you certainly don’t expect them to come home to you in a panicked emotional state, refusing to go back to school again. And it becomes worse when it’s for an unexplained reason.

Many times situations like this happen and there seems to be no known or obvious reason as to why your child feels this way. But the symptoms are quite clear. They refuse to participate, they complain of physical pain, such as stomach aches, or headaches. And these symptoms are real physical pains. You become worried and angry that the people you left in charge of your loved one have failed to protect them, and worse still, you were unable to protect them as well.

This type of thing is becoming so common that no child is immune to it no matter what level of society you come from. A recent report highlighted the panic attacks and fears along with the physical pains that Princess Aiko of Japan, the granddaughter of the Emperor experienced while in school. She has refused to go back. Here’s what was reported:

    Princess Aiko, the eight-year-old granddaughter of the Japanese Emperor, has become unable to go to school after suffering a series of anxiety attacks and stomach aches.

    Her problems, said the Imperial Household Agency, arose from her “rough behaviour” at the hands of boys in her age group at the ultra-exclusive Gakushuin school she attends in central Tokyo.

    It does not appear that the young princess was injured in the incident, or that the alleged roughness constituted much more than the usual raucous behaviour of eight-year-old boys in the playground.

So it’s clear that this problem strikes every social strata leaving no social class immune. But how can you protect your family from having to go through this type of problem? There are methods that you can use to help build up your family’s mental defenses as well as dealing with the problem head on if it should arise. And the answers in both cases involve the use of hypnosis.

As a way to defend your children from having to experience these type of symptoms you can teach them how to build up their confidence levels and their self esteem. This can quickly be accomplished with self hypnosis techniques. Self hypnosis is really just showing your children how to use their imagination in a way that builds up their positive feelings about themselves. For example, there are times when they feel safe and secure right? There have probably been times when they excelled in something in school, or at play, right? By having them remember those times and fully feeling what they felt back then you are allowing them to practice self hypnosis for feeling really good. You can suggest to them that they can feel this good anytime they want by just imagining that past experience again.

By building this good feeling in over and over again, your child becomes familiar at locating and re-experiencing all those positive feelings of strength and confidence which helps them use those feelings when they will do the most good. These are just some simple measures to take to help keep your child from experiencing panic attacks caused by attending school.

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