Fear of Elevators - Where Does That Come From?

I have had the opportunity of working with people who feel scared or have an underlying anxious feeling when they have to ride in an elevator. This becomes more pronounced when they are forced to ride on an elevator that becomes increasingly more crowded as it ascends or descends to their chosen floor.

In my experience this problem is either the beginning or the manifestation of further discomfort that’s just around the corner. It has it’s root in another fear. Some people have told me that this is a symptom of claustrophobia but I tend to disagree. I’m not big on analysis, and my profession doesn’t require it to achieve successful results in the way my client navigates through their life.

Any fear based response goes to the primal programming that we fortunately are born with. This programming is meant to keep us safe and secure in difficult and dangerous situation. Those type of situations today are few and far between. Think about what danger meant to us back when our species was new. It meant not being captured and eaten. It meant avoiding pain and death at all costs. We basically were fighting for our lives.

Does that type of scenario come up for us often in our daily life? Hardly! But responses are just the same as if we were being faced with life or death choices every time we are faced with this fear response. So we can safely say that this is an incorrectly learned response. There might be some reason why our body is responding badly, but that reason doesn’t always matter. The fact remains that our body responds incorrectly.

So where does that incorrect response come from? It’s not possible to accurately predict where your fear of elevators originated. If it’s necessary to uncover the source of your problem in order to neutralize it, then using the hypnotic techniques I’ve learned and developed will provide access to the answers that are needed. There is no reason for you to be saddled with an unnecessary fear forever.

And what is worse, is that if these fears remain unresolved, it usually leads to you experiencing more fears around things that you never feared before. So it’s always best to resolve your problems with fear as soon as you can.

What have you done to help deal with your fear? Leave your comments below.

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