New York Hypnosis - Flying Without Fear Using Hypnosis

It’s getting around the time when many people are going to be traveling on vacations and such. It’s at this time that New York hypnosis heats up with people looking for help so they can go flying without fear. There are many ways that flying hypnosis can help the traveler who experiences problems while inflight.

I have found that there are different levels of fear involved when people travel. And the differences begin on the ground. Some people start to become uncomfortable just thinking about getting on a plane, and might even put off the vacation they really want to go on because they think it’s unreachable for them.

Some people make their plans to vacation or travel and then don’t start to think about the air travel part of it until about a week or two before. Some don’t think about it until a few days before, and yes some don’t start to think about their fear until they are already onboard the plane and flying to their destination.

With all these different types of responses for the same problem, you might think how could one type of solution work for all? The simple answer is that it can work for all because the responses are all the same with regards to the feeling that is brought up. And it is the response to that feeling that causes the problems. But what if the feeling never came up?

I mean, there must’ve been some kind of trigger that started that feeling in the first place. Perhaps an unpleasant experience in the past, remembered or not, or maybe the response of others you witnessed that made an impression on you in some way. In each and every case, using a powerful tool such as fear of flying hypnosis can have a dramatic effect on how well you manage, and yes even enjoy your flight.

Can you remember what it was like to be able to plan your vacation without any of that uncomfortable feeling percolating inside? Can you imagine yourself being free of those feelings now? What would that be like? You deserve to be able to experience all of those excited feelings that really made you feel special. You know, you’re going on a vacation. And that vacation isn’t supposed to be isolated to just the time you spend at your destination doing fun things. It should also include your anticipation of all the fun things your planning to do. And all the excitement that builds up in the expectation of all that fun to come. You don’t have to miss out on those feelings when using flying without fear hypnosis.

That’s the real downside of that fear of flying. Most of us travel because we enjoy traveling. If you spend the whole year in wait for your chance to vacation, what better way to extend that vacation time than by using your imagination. Imagining the great feeling and great times you’re going to have. And those great feelings will indeed propel you to having better times while you’re still on the ground. Because when you are in good spirits, your outward appearance is more open and is rewarded in return by others. So your fear of flying problem just sucks the life out of more than just your time on the plane or immediately leading up to getting onboard.

So what happens when you’ve finally reached your destination. Success! You made it. You can now enjoy yourself because the trip is over, not! There is usually the flight back that’s still lingering in your psyche. That nagging feeling will prevent you from fully enjoying yourself during your deserved vacation. So this fear of flying thing has become a real strain on you and is definitely preventing you from fully getting what you deserve.

It really doesn’t have to be that way. Whatever your reason for wanting to succeed at flying without fear hypnosis can free you from this problem. Hypnosis is the tool that is used elegantly to speak to the part of you that holds the answer to your emotions. Your emotions are telling you something and a part of you is totally believing it and following blindly without any input from the other part of you that wants to fully enjoy traveling like everyone else. Even to be able to sleep comfortably on the plane through the flight is something that you should and can be taught to do.

So do you want to be able to go flying without fear? Of course you do! Give me a call at 212 223-1832 or visit my website at flying without fear.

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