Smoking Hypnotist-How Does Hypnosis To Quit Smoking Work?

Hypnosis has been helping people heal and make changes for hundreds of years. Anton Mesmer popularized a trance method for healing back in 1774, but human beings have been going into hypnotic trance and using it effectively in a natural way ever since there was thinking and rational behavior. Hypnotic trance is a naturally occurring experience that a smoking hypnotist will use to help a smoker become a non smoker.

Becoming a non smoker is easier than most people make it out to be. After all, smoking is not second nature to us and we weren’t born to smoke. In fact smoke in any form is an irritant and being around smoke causes an immediate fight of flight response. We smokers had to work real hard to learn how to smoke. It’s not quitting smoking that’s hard but what’s hard is the process of changing one habit for another. It’s always easier to continue doing what we’re used to than to change to something that has become unfamiliar.

Now when you go to see a smoking hypnotist for smoking cessation hypnosis they will first get you comfortable going into a good trance state. A good hypnotist, that is well trained should be able to do this in about 5 minutes. While in hypnosis, you will become more suggestible. This just means that you are more accepting to new ideas, new behaviors, and new experiences. A well trained and experienced hypnotist will also have given you all the info that you need before hand so that you will be ready and able to accept the suggestions for being a non smoker.

Once these suggestions of being a non smoker are accepted by your subconscious there is a perception shift. You put an end to being a smoker, and you have become a non smoker and respond in your world as a non smoker would. So that every time you see someone else smoking you no longer feel like you’re missing out on something. You won’t be depriving yourself of anything because cigarettes are no longer something that you want. You become a non smoker because that is how you identify yourself to be.

This is a very quick process. In most cases all that is necessary is one or two sessions. It is important to have a special support system in place so that you don’t slip up and go back to smoking. This is critical because you don’t want to go back to smoking. I think in this day and age with all the negatives surrounding smoking and smokers, once you stop, it’s unlikely you will slip back into the old way again.

So now it’s time to stop reading about smoking hypnosis and get some training in self hypnosis or visit a hypnotist so that you can become a non smoker for the rest of your life. Even if you have failed before when you used other techniques to quit smoking you’ll be able to stop with the help of hypnosis. Even if you failed before using hypnotherapy to stop smoking you will still be able to stop smoking using advanced hypnotic techniques. No one needs to smoke cigarettes. We need to breath fresh air and that is what our bodies crave. Give yourself the gift of good health and long life by becoming a non smoker.

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