Performance Hypnosis - Rid Yourself Of Stage Fright

Look who\'s using a hypnotistHypnosis is a great tool for working with our fears. Rational fears that are out of proportion to the situation as well as irrational fears.

I love finding evidence of how well hypnosis does work with these types of fears. Recently it was reported in the press about how Mandy Moore used hypnosis to help her deal with an upcoming performance. And it worked like a charm.

The headline reads:


And goes on to explain that she was so terrified by her intimate concert in front of 280 people this past Sunday April 26, that she saw a hypnotist who set her back on track.

You know, when you are hit with nerves, and you have to perform, the extra stress you experience will affect all your muscles and sometimes the muscles surrounding your vocal cords are affected more. You can imagine it being harder to reach the right notes, if your muscles aren’t cooperating with you.

performance hypnosis for mandy moore

I worked with an opera singer for this exact problem. During rehearsal and practice he had no problem hitting the highs, but in performance it wasn’t a sure thing. After a few sessions he was singing the way he wanted to sing, and started getting the recognition and gigs he was dreaming about.

Read about it here:

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