Hypnosis New York-Is It Effective For Weight Loss?

This is a common question that I get.  I’ll also respond to the question of whether hypnosis is dangerous as this is a common misconception and myth about hypnosis.  I’ll answer the second question first.

Is Hypnosis for weight loss dangerous?
One of the things that make people hesitate to use the services of a hypnotist or to use self hypnosis is that they think that hypnosis is dangerous.  Well in all cases, the answer to this question is absolutely not.  Part of what people seek when they are looking to use a hypnotist is to find someone who will make them do something that they can’t do or don’t want to do.  Kind of like giving someone the power to make them into a zombie of sorts or Stepford wife.  And this notion that they could have this kind of relationship with another person is what also scares them.  Well the hypnotist can’t turn you into an unwilling participant in anything!  The hypnotist can only help you with what you are willing and able to accomplish.  Working with a hypnotist will help you to see, feel and act fully congruent with what you really want to accomplish.  So there is no danger in seeking the help of a hypnotist or in using self hypnosis techniques to assist you in short or long term goals.

Now onto the second question:

Is Weight Loss Hypnosis Effective?

Hypnosis is a word that describes a state of mind that allows new ideas, beliefs, and behaviors to be accepted into a willing participant’s mind without critical or judgmental scrutiny.  This lessens the likelihood   of rejection.  So someone coming to see me with a desire to lose weight will be guided into this special experience where prior agreed upon suggestions will be presented for acceptance.  During this time changes in perceptions will occur.  Using emotions to trigger positive responses to the behaviors that produce weight loss will be installed.  So that when my client eats the right kind of food in the right proportions they will feel powerful positive feelings.  I will also use emotions to trigger negative responses to the behaviors that have been keeping them fat or contributing to their unhealthy problems.  So that when they look at foods they want to avoid they will feel powerful negative feelings that keep them from wanting to indulge in those unhealthy foods and/or behaviors.

Each hypnotist approaches their clients, and their client’s problems in their own unique way.  I require my clients to commit to making the changes and commit to a series of sessions.  It is quite clear that the best weight loss programs are designed around a support system, and I view my work in the same way.  The series of sessions act as a support system for my clients as they build the new behaviors and responses into their lifestyle.

You probably already know that habits are what make our lives easier.  Habits help us to do repetitive tasks without thinking, so we can focus on what really needs our attention during our normal day to day existence.  With any change in lifestyle we are looking to develop habits that make it easy for us to maintain and continue this lifestyle.  So as we develop the habits of a healthy and fit person they become who we are.

Is It Temporary?

Someone responded to this question noting that the results of hypnosis are temporary.  Nothing could be further from the truth, but this again is a common myth and misconception.  Hypnosis is as temporary as any knowledge that we know and learn.  When you learn to ride a bicycle is that learning temporary?  Even if you stopped riding for many years, does that mean that it’s temporary?  No, of course not!  Of course we could choose to ride or not ride, because that is our free will.  Again, we need to review that hypnosis is not dangerous.  If hypnosis was about taking away my clients choice, that would be dangerous.  But by connecting my clients to many positive responses to the correct behaviors, they’re able to use those good feelings to guide them to a healthy and fit new life.

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