Hypnosis For Fear Of Flying-And Flight 1549 Lands In Hudson River

Just Another Day In The Life Of The NYC Hypnotist

It started out as just another normal workday in this hypnotist’s life. Working with people’s bad habits, and irrational fears are everyday occurrences. What I didn’t expect to happen was what everyone in the world heard about that day taking place just a few blocks away from where my office is located. Yes! a plane plopped down right in the Hudson River, just a short distance from where I was working with a client to help them get rid of their fear of flying.

Back to the Beginning

Jack Stewart came into my office a little after 3PM right about the time that the plane splashed down in the Hudson River and that daring rescue was taking place . What did he want? He wanted to overcome his fear of flying. You see, Jack (not his real name as my clients, a-list celebrities, super models, famous rock stars as well as everyday housewives, business owners, clerks, and others, all enjoy confidentiality) is an executive in the hotel industry and as part of his job, he had to fly to London in the next day for a special butler conference. He called and scheduled his first session to help him get on the plane without the jitters and the need for dangerous drugs. The coincidence happened during out session. As the plane ditched into the Hudson River, Jack was becoming a “fearless” flyer. When he left the office he felt on cloud 9 :-). He walked the streets to his ferry terminal trying to get back that old bad feeling, that scared feeling, without any “luck”.

Using Hypnosis is a very quick and powerful way to remove fears and take back rational control of your life.

Your Views Are Needed

Jack’s story doesn’t end there, so I’ll let you in on the whole case history of it if there is enough interest in finding out how this worked out for him. Let your interest be known in the comments section following this post.

Marc Carlin

The NYC Hypnotist

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