Miley Cyrus Dead? How Hypnosis Plays A Role

How in the world can hypnosis play a role in the rumor of the untimely death of Miley Cyrus?  Good question.

This post might seem a little off topic, but bear with me and I’ll tie it into our human behavior and how we can use the information provided by this phenomenon to help us create and remove habits.

This whole display of frenzy over the supposed news reports and the gigantic swell of public interest just points to the very instinctual behavior that we humans unconsciously take part in every day.  This is a great example of herd mentality.  We humans love to do what everyone else is doing.  We love to buy what everyone else is buying.  And we are determined to be accepted by those around us we find appealing and desirable.

This is the exact reason that we start doing damaging unhealthy behavior to ourselves in the first place.  The main reason most of us begin to smoke cigarettes is to be a part of the group.  Being part of the group is a herd mentality.  Our subconscious mind requires us, no it downright demands that we become part of the group.  This is because being part of the group is programmed into us as an instinctual behavior.  It is viewed upon as having life or death importance.

Why is this?  because we humans are meant to survive by depending on others.  think about it.  If during prehistoric times, we were thrown out of the cave we would die.  It becomes a very desirable to be part of the group because it is instinctually viewed as life or death.

So now when you see something taking off like this Miley Cyrus death rumor, you can understand how that can sweep through all news reports so quickly.

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