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CPA Exam Anxiety - Hypnosis To Overcome Test Nerves

Monday, September 27th, 2010

If you are getting ready to take an important exam like your CPA test you need to be ready in more than just the studying department. There are other factors that might cause you to fail your CPA exam that have nothing to do with the information that you have studied a head of time. You need to be able to enter the exam room free of fear that you might screw up.

Fear in many instances can be your friend. If you are taking the CPA exam and you have a small amount of fear, that emotion will motivate you to get around to studying so that you have all the knowledge you need to help you pass the exam. But if you have too much fear, that emotion becomes overwhelming and will prevent you from accessing the studied information when you need it most. Overwhelming fear will block your ability to recall information and facts that you have studied and learned. So even if you know the answers to the questions, you might not be able to provide those answers when called upon because of your increased anxiety.

There are a number of ways to overcome this type of exam anxiety or test nerves. Hypnosis is one of the techniques that can be used to successfully take your CPA exam without test anxiety. Exam anxiety is about state control. It’s about learning how to be in control of your emotional state. This is extremely important in a test or exam environment. Learning how to turn on the correct state or attitude and turn off the incorrect emotion or attitude is an important component when you are seeking to pass your CPA exam.

An inappropriate emotion can block your being able to remember or recall information that you know. Take for example all the times when you were unable to remember a person’s name. It was probably a name that you should have remembered. And when asked to remember the person’s name, for some reason you just let the name slip from your mind. You knew that you knew the name, but for some reason you weren’t able to recall that person’s name. And when you tried really hard to retrieve that name, the name became harder and harder to recall. And then what happened when you forgot about that incident altogether? When you let the need for that person’s name to wane, that person’s name probably just popped into your mind suddenly. You remembered the name that you always knew, because it stopped being important. You stopped putting all that emotional energy into recovering that name.

That’s the way things work with all of our memories. When under stress, or undue emotional duress, information that you know very well and are quite proficient at will become inaccessible. But only for a short time. This problem is easily solved when you use hypnosis to regain control over the emotional states that you allow yourself to experience. That is what is known as state control. By going into hypnotic trance, you can gain access to the state that is unfortunately coming up whenever you have taken a test in the past. You can identify it and through advanced hypnotic techniques you can eliminate the necessity of experiencing that emotion at that particular time, usually while taking a test. And once you’ve eliminated that connection, you can build in a better emotion that assists you in recalling information and data easily.

Hypnosis is an effective way of doing mental rehearsal too. And that’s important because you’ve probably been practicing feeling afraid or stressed whenever you’ve taken a test in the past. Sometimes you have even felt those feelings when you just thought of taking a test. So with all that praxtice you’ve been doing for that negative emotion you realize you need to practice doing it correctly. And that’s where hypnosis will shine for you. It’s a fairly quick process to reverse all those years of failures with mental rehearsal for success. Because the mind works at the speed of thought. And think about how quickly that happens.

When you’re ready to prepare for taking your CPA test or CPA exam, call me at 212 223-1832 and I’ll let you know what you need in your particular case to become that successful CPA of your dreams.

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