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Geneen Roth’s Book, Women Food and God Mesmerizing

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

This new book by Geneen Roth has been described as mesmerizing. Which I find an interesting observation. As you probably know, Anton Mesmer was the original hypnotist. People would line up for blocks around his office to see him in groups and be mesmerized into healing themselves. In retrospect it appears he didn’t really understand how what he did helped people, but it did help people to overcome some very difficult maladies.

Hypnosis today is commonly used for weight loss. And dealing with the emotional aspect of why we eat is the cornerstone of a successful hypnosis for weight loss program. Geneen Roth has been the subject of a couple of Oprah Winfrey TV shows, and has garnered a lot of publicity and public acclaim for her weight loss workshops and programs by doing so.

From what I have gathered from the information about her book and work, the main purpose of her approach to weight loss is to stop the cycle of emotional eating. I find that admirable because emotional eating is probably the biggest problem faced by overweight and obese people. She does it in her special approach of self discovery that she claims works. I admire anyone who accepts the challenge of helping the overweight and obese population. Especially if their program is designed to help them work through their emotional connections to food. Because I know how rewarding it can be when someone is able to experience the true freedom of thought and action.

Hypnosis is the most powerful tool you can use to effectively change your emotional response and build the powerful emotional response that can assist you in your life, instead of hamper you and keep you stuck. Using hypnosis for weight loss, you become unstuck and have the opportunity to build the habits that serve you well.

What are your own emotional difficulties with food? Have you gone through Geneen Roth’s program? or read her book? Leave your comments below.

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