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Needle Fear or Injection Phobia- Hypnosis to Remove Fear of Needles

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Over the course of my career as a consulting hypnotist I have had people come to see me for different kinds of fears. One of the more interesting and rewarding fears that I have resolved is fear of needles. This is sometimes called needle phobia. And hypnosis for fear of needles has always proven to be a straightforward way of solving that problem.

One of my early clients came to me for sports hypnosis. He was so pleased with his progress in improving his sports capabilities that he started to think of other ways that he could use hypnosis to assist him to more success. He was a very success oriented individual and thrived on challenging himself and succeeding in difficult situations. Well his story was that growing up his father had always donated blood. He admired his father greatly and of course wanted to follow in his footsteps and be a caring part of the community. But his desire to also give blood was dashed because of his fear of needles.

He wouldn’t dare consider donating that life saving liquid because he would freak out at the thought of someone putting a needle into his body. As an add on part of his sports hypnosis work with me he asked me to work to overcome fear of needles. We quickly removed his fear of needles and now he’s able to donate blood and contribute to his civic pride.

More recently I saw a young mother to be who was extremely scared of needles. Any mothers reading this would instantly get the consequences of her problem. Young moms to be are constantly asked to supply blood samples to check on mom and baby’s progress. She was beside herself.

When she first came into my office, she didn’t know what to expect. That is a similar response to most of my clients. There are so many misconceptions about hypnosis because of the way the media portrays it. I quickly taught her to get rid of any nervousness about using hypnosis. And we then proceeded to work to overcome fear of needles.

She called me recently to tell me that she had just come back from the doctor’s office after giving up 6 large vials of blood. She was so happy and elated that it all went off without a hitch. She loved that I showed her how to use her mind so she would be able to giver herself hypno-analgesia so she wouldn’t feel any physical pain or discomfort at all. She’s now looking forward to using the same techniques for her first childbirth.

Your mind is a very powerful tool when used properly. I probably got you thinking of some ways you could use hypnosis in your life to solve one of your personal problems. Feel free to give me a call at
212 223-1832. If I’m busy, be sure to leave to leave a message so you don’t miss out on your opportunity for great results.

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