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Hypnosis In Sports-A.J. Putz, An Example Of Hypnosis For Sports

Monday, June 1st, 2009

You’ve got to be asking yourself, what in the world is this hypnotist talking about. How in the world is A.J. Putz an example of hypnosis and sports? There is a connection between the breakdown of ace reliever turned set-up man A.J. Putz and hypnosis sports performance. Give me a moment and I’ll explain.

What in the world was going through the minds of the management in thinking they could bring a pitcher with the name of Putz to the NYC spotlight? New York has a large Jewish population and because of this almost every single immigrant of any ethnic background who is living and working in this city knows the meaning of the yiddish word, putz. For those not yet enlightened it’s direct meaning is penis, but used colloquially it means idiot, or moron. Now how could a pitcher be brought into New York with a moniker like that amid the rabid and vocal fans of the Mets, and be expected to perform to their very best under these conditions.

Can you imagine Putz going into the dry cleaners to pick up his clothing and the counter man yells to the back to get the clothing for a guy name Putz? Do you think there’s snickers there? And how about going to pick up a pizza order, and having your name called out? Or even at a 5 star restaurant, the announcement over the P.A. that Putz’ table is ready. Do you think he has to endure snickers and smirks, probably the likes of which he has never had to experience before.

Now maybe you can see why I think A. J. needs some hypnosis sports performance work, so he can focus better and get rid of all those pent up emotions foisted upon him just because he was born with the wrong name for the NYC market.

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